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Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5) - Kristen Ashley *Arc provided by netgally in exchange for a honest review *Thanks Netgally :) This was a little disjointed for me .It really did not have the same presence that the rest in this series had. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed just not as much as the rest of the series. I guess it didn't have that same flow and crazy passionate that I'm used from KA. Plus this was so much shorter and nothing really happened to hold my attention ,they had some sort of a threat but at the same time it wasn't enough and their was not enough grit to hold the story together. I guess with KA getting published certain things had to be lighter *shrugs*. Anyway I liked Ham, typical macho intense KA hero. Zara is melodramatic and I really did not start liking her until much later. But I gotta say these heroine need to learn to be 'strong' whenever someone gives them advice they completely internalize all their issues instead of talking about it. How can that solve anything ?? If you are in love you will try every/anything to make it work including being truthful, honest and open etc. Most of KA's heroine follow that formula, I am ready for change . Kinda tired of the same melodramatic responses , Still thought this was good .3.5 stars

Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey I don't think my review will do this justice so I will just say 'Beautiful'


Rocks - M.J. Lawless This started off so good . A hot heroine that knows how and when to get what she wants , exactly how she wants it. She's my kinda gal and I love her personality . The hero was also going good in the first half of the story,they had chemistry and everything was intrigue and cool . UNTIL the middle ,I have no idea where this was going and it turned into a shit storm . I felt this had no direction , was all over the place and I had to scratch my head a few times (Figuratively ) inoder to figure where this was going . The whole thing threw me off after I was ready to give this a good rating because I love this author's writing style. Sadly this wasn't meant to be and I hope the author takes my review has constructive to her development as possible .*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *2 stars

The Prelude: A Musical Interlude Novel

The Prelude - KaSonndra Leigh Review to come

The Art of Control (The Art of D/s #3)

The Art of Control (The Art of D/s #3) - Ella Dominguez I'm not sure I can write a review that accurately states how I feel about this series . This book was sadistic and angsty to the max. They went through soooooo much ,I cannot even begin to state . they just had to break ,the stress of Everything was too much,really too much . They always stay true to their love/obsession. I'm not gonna say I'm in love with their sweet romance or any other shit like that. This wasn't sweet and It really wasn't my normal cup of team . The heroine was the best really ,she made this story !!! Sawyer was my next best character ,kinda wish he was the hero instead of the real hero. Seems too not macho to be a Dom , he really faded away for me ,I found myself just looking Isabel in most of the scenes to see her response then double back to his . I could her thoughts and connect with her a whole lot more .I really just can't picture it . He can even fire a gun properly . That shit made me loose all faith in his ability to protect her(Not that he even could). That could have been handled better but otherwise this story messed me up a whole lot more than just the hero. Sigh I love the heroine. I can see why people enjoy these sadistic books .It was absolutely crazy how this story unfolded .Thinking about the last 1/4 of the book was EVERYTHING! Their was some crazy physiological shit was going in this author's head because really . I'm so conflicted ,I really don't know if i loved it . I definitely have strong feelings enough to take a good while to write this review . I really must say the writing wasn't great but the story was golden for me . (I cannot even make up my mind in my own review ..sigh X_X) .I'm giving cudos for writing this shit and it made me more interested to step out of my nice little bubble and read some sadistic stories once a month lol . 4.5 stars Cause this shit was good (YES i have reconciled with my inner demons )
She Can Scream - Melinda Leigh *Arc provided by netgally in exchange for an honest review*What can I say other than this wasn't my cup of tea . The romance was very minimal and the suspense was very lacking . I felt absolute boredom . Everything was predictable and very very lacking . I feel like this story just shouldn't have been classified a romance because it really wasn't . It just had potential to be good ,really not everyone can write a good suspense thriller but if done properly I could enjoyed it a little. I can only say I liked the heroine ,everything else was basically milk water . 1.5 stars


Dangerous - Jacquelyn Frank I feel a little cheated and I'm not happy about this vampire thing disguised as something else. I really thought I was getting fresh and exciting sadly it was the same . 2 stars

The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2)

The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2) - Ella Dominguez Wow this was some angst .I'm not the type to enjoy so much sadistic tendies and I can't understand the need for control yet you hotwife your sub as a dom ?? Doesn't that go against your Dom tendencies ? I was quite confused by that act really . (the hero didn't do that , his fellow doms do which doesn't make sense to me ) This is my biggest problem with these BDSM books . They all like to paint a picture and most of the pictures don't add up . I must say the heroine was much better and I applaud her for being so strong . She went through a whole lot that I can't even process or talk about .Her whole life was a complete shit storm . I had some problems with the hero ,his big sercret was not so big. I can understand the guilt but really the big reveal was snooze worthy for me .Atleast it was something different from the tortured hero with their very disturbing abusive pasts.He was milk water to me , he could never really protect his wife from the multiple threats . That was dissapointing ,he just did not come alive in this for me . That's a very sad fact! I love Sawyer ,You rock man !! Second best character .You hold the fort and you do what you gotta do for the people you love. I'm really proud.4 stars for this book.Just have to finish the series ,need to know what happens next overall . How much anguish can they take .
Cherish - Catherine Anderson 3.5 stars . So beautiful

Steal My Heart

Steal My Heart - Lisa Eugene This was great , so quirky and fantastic. I enjoyed the bond between these persons ,they complimented each other so much . I must say this was enlightening and I'm very happy I read this .4 stars
Be My Baby Lite (Baby Series Lite, #3) - Andrea  Smith This was good ,I still loved the second book more but I really adored the strength of their love .Realistically things happen in a relationship/marriage and its really hard to pick the pieces to continue .This was portrayed in that way ultimately you just have to decide whether to love that you share and your family is worth it . The underlining depression was very well done . I understood so many of her dumb choices (Even though I wanted to strangle the hell outta her! ) I realized her depression was fueling her bad choices and I'm glad she saw that too even though it took her marriage nearly ending. I wish some things could have been explained to me more like I wanted Amber to ger hers in badass sorta way . With how mature Tyler has gotten, a proper ass whooping would have been great. I wished the situation with Tristan and Gina would have been shown rather than told , maybe I will get that in the 3.5 (hopefully !! ) .Otherwise this was good and I'm sad to see this series go . Has one of the more harsher persons that critiqued the original book (the first one , I could not read the others). I am very pleased to see that I enjoy the lite version. This packed enough punch to keep me interested and wasn't so packed (like the first one) to keep me interested to continue. 4 stars Can't wait to finish finish this series with Suzie's 3.5 :)Thank You once again Andrea . I enjoyed this journeyP.S I finished this yesterday but needed to refresh my thoughts

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Review to come .
Baby Love Lite (Baby Series Lite, #2) - Andrea  Smith *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *.I loooved this boook !!!!! Can I say that again .... I love love the hell outta this book . It exceeded my expectations, Tyler was puuurfect. You can tell being a mother has really changed her ,and its definitely for the better . She was a lion ,I only kinda wished she got to kick her aunt's ass . But the story got so many twist and turns . Andrea made me feel so sorry for the bad guys, I really couldn't fathom how I from despising her Aunt to actually feeling so emotionally sad for her .Cudos to you Andrea ,I really love this one (YES I know I said that like 2 times already ,Sue me I'm in love).The relationship between the MCs were so on point ,they had their good days and their bad days.Which is what love is really all about ,they always and I mean always make up after their argument ,they don't let it fester unless it's really bad. Gina did a shitty move and my feelings for her have kinda taken a down turn . I felt she was a better person than that and I really couldn't blame Trey for being upset with Tyler .It's his brother and Gina is her best friend but I really couldn't live with the guilt of Tristan not knowing the truth. And regardless he is her family by marriage so I think she should have at least told Trey so they could have worked out a solution to help . But Gina girl ,you completely ,utterly messed up .I must say this Arc was left on a little cliffhanger with an awesome bonus chapter which shows the psychotics of Tyler's family.It's absolutely sickening and the resolution was just IMO but I would the mother of Matthew to get hers soon.Really this story was exactly what I needed .I thank the author for giving this ARC . You did a great job Andrea :) I really really can't wait on 3 and 3.5 .Please Hurry !!!!5 stars
Fighting Fate - Linda Kage This was like whiplash and I found I couldn't stop reading it . The events were so infuriating yet I had to continue,maybe because the plot line is close to home . I really felt so annoyed at the heroine ,but I could understand and rationalize all her emotions of anger and hatred. She really has had an hard time dealing with circumstances in her life. She picked up in the second half and blew me completely away.The hero was so sweet ,he was such a conflicted being with no hope of anything good.He was just living the motions of life without feeling in order to atone for his wrong doing which totally took the heroine by surprise. His family was awful and I had a hard time forgiving them as easily has he has. I figured because it was so long they both suffered enough. This was a good read ,had me slightly tearing up ,cursing all over the place because stuff happened I didn't agree with .All in All 4.5 stars
Price of a Kiss - Linda Kage This was a sweet and entertainig read . I simply loved the female Mc and i must say she has the right amount of quirkyness and humor to give this story going smoothly .I loved the male Mc also but the female really stole the show.3.5 stars


Maverick - Anna Cruise Bleh . Dissapointed really . 2 dimensional characters that were trying too hard to impress.Not my cup of tea